Sehra For Groom

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Sehra is one distinguishing feature that separates the Dulha or the groom from the rest of the crowd. Unlike a pagri or a turban that is worn by the baratis, the sehra is solely worn by the groom alone. Sehra for groom is similar to the veil for brides. This is not a modern concept though and has been around since ancient times. In the olden days, it was worn by the men in royal families. However, as India is known for its diversity, it still forms an integral part of society.

Why is a sehra worn?

Apart from giving the groom an enchanting look, the significance of Sehra for groom is to protect the groom from any kind of evil eye. Besides, it also renders the groom the most enticing look which they are supposed to carry with all grace and pride.

Evolution with time

The sehra for groom has gone through a complete revolution in the present time. It is now made available in a variety of different designs and patterns. It tends to differ from region to region. We at Royal Safa present the perfect ground to explore the variety of Safa designs that would perfectly match your suitability. This includes the authentic flower veil to that of Sehra for groom blend majestically with gold and silver laces. Moreover, you can get the designs customized as per the requirement posed by the client.

Ultimately we ensure to leave no room for complaints. Why are Sehras worn? The use of Sehra dates back to centuries from now. From south to north, east to west, Sehra is worn by grooms on the day of the wedding. However, the difference is the pattern and design. Considering the modern time, a lot has modernized in the pattern and designs too. With the modern-day groom leaving behind the hesitation in experimenting with the designs, we at Royal Safa present the royal pedestal to customize the design in the most elegant style.

Choose designs that match your personality and calibre

A wedding is a one-time event. Hence, opting for the best can bring in the best Sehra can turn the whole event resplendent for you. There is a lot you can do with the pattern and design. For example, you can opt for a sehra design that matches your outfit by blending it with the perfect accessory that would add the cherry on the cake.

What do we offer?

As premium Sehra providers in Delhi, we present the ultimate platform to pick the designs that speak your style. It can be anything from customized Sehra designs to that of ready-made ones. A sehra can be made of many designs starting from embroidered silk and cotton band to those studded with stones and beads. On the other hand, if you are someone who loves simple designs, then opting for sehra made of satin will prove to be the ideal choice. Besides, we also let the customers decide on which flowers they would add to their sehra that will charm their appearance to a newer height.

Try out our service and get the best guide, advice, and sehra created for your wedding day.