Lehriya Chunari Safa For Weddings

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Marriages in India are a perfect picture of pomp and show mixed with the galore of excitement. Herein, apart from the ceremonies, the attire also plays an integral role. Moreover,the wedding rituals differ from region to region. In the northern part of the country, pagris play an important role. We at Royal Safa offers premier Safa, Turbans and Pagris in different varieties.

Versatile and Unique

One of the most versatile and unique types of Safa is Lehriya Chunari Safa that is designedby using a special cloth. Indigenous to Rajasthan, these are of a kind of turbans that is growing in popularity among grooms and baratis at weddings. As the name suggests, a lehriya Chunari Safa is available in different colors and patterns. And we at Royal Safa leave no stone unturned in presenting the ultimate variations for grooms safa.

Differ from region to region

The peculiarity of Turbans or safa is its variation that is witnessed from region to region. These range from topor worn in west Bengal to pheta that are popular in Maharashtra. However, with Royal Safa, you need not look too far. We provide different safa for the groom’s outfit in varied forms and colors.

Varies from Turbans

In comparison to a Turban, a lehriya chunari Safa is much shorter in length. Besides, they are often made of typical fabrics such as zari, chuneeri, GharChola or silk cloth.

What is a Lehriya Chunari Safa?

A lehriya Chunari Safa is typically comprised of a long tail and a small horn designed in the shape at the front side of the pagri. It is found typically in parts of Rajasthan. The most popular type of Safa is Bandhani fabric that is further enhanced adding in a glimmer of gems, beads and zari.

Choose the best with us. Get customized Lehriya Chunari ready-made as well as customized according to your requirements.