Pagdi Bandhne Wala

Wholesale Supplier of Designer Safa, Floral Safa, Rajasthani Pagri in Delhi Ncr.

Pagris or Turbans play an important role in Indian weddings. It is a symbol of honor and pride that is prominently witnessed among Hindus and Sikhs. Prominent as Sehra Bandhi ceremony, it is a huge part of the function, where right from the groom to their extended families tie pagris on their head. However, the primary difference lies here is the pagri type and design that one opts for. The pagri of the groom is often different in comparison to the other guests. After tying the pagri, a special prayer is offered to the deity.

Herein is where we at Royal Safa make our entry. We offer one of the premium services of providing pagri bandne wala for weddings who hold professional expertise in tying pagris and turbans within few minutes. The people in our team comprise of experts who hold expertise in performing the methods and rituals with complete finesse.

What are the services we offer?

We provide authentic pagri bandne wala for wedding aiding in draping the 5.8-meter cloth with complete perfection. Although many people prefer readymade pagris, yet because the size of every head differs from one another, people go on to opt for getting it tied.

Below listed are some of the other services that we at Royal Safa offer Cloth for Turbans

At Royal Safa, you need not worry about the cloth for turbans. Apart from presenting pagri bandne wale for weddings, we also provide turban cloth for this purpose. The cloth we provide is first religiously cleansed and then tied around the head. This is because we give complete importance to the religious formalities carried out.

Professionals who are abreast with the customs

The professionals in our team are not just those who are well adept with the customs that are carried out at the time of the wedding ceremony.

Punctual and in time

Being on time is one of our prime points. The turban tying ceremony usually takes place at a special time following the one recommended by the Pujari. We at Royal Safa hold great attention to time and enabling the service in time without any delay.

Pagri tying for women

Unlike yesteryear when pagris were solely worn by men alone, the present day time has evolved further. Additionally, many religions like Sikh religion where the groom’s family bestow turbans to the family of the groom, Herein, even women wear pagris. We at Royal Safa also house female pagri tiers who perform the service of tying pagri to women.

Tying of Pagris in varied styles

As experts in the field, we at Royal Safa house a team of professionals who hold the proficiency of trying different variations of pagri in different materials and patterns. We house stylish patterns based on the requirements posed by the clients. Moreover, we provide a variety of fabric and embellishments that are customized and designed as per the latest fashion and culture.

So, want to get the best pagri tied? Contact us today and get professional pagri bandne wale services for your wedding.