Wedding Safa For Barati

Wholesale Supplier of Designer Safa, Floral Safa, Rajasthani Pagri in Delhi Ncr.

Weddings are all about complete pomp and show. Marriage is the time to show off your style with complete precision. And when it comes to Indian weddings pagri or safa as it is popularly known makes one of the prominent delights. The safa or pagri is treated as a mark of respect and wearing lends a great sense of pride. The safa is worn by the groom as well as the bride’s family. However, considering this fact, not many hold the proficiency to tie a safa by themselves. Moreover, the method and style of tying this authentic piece of cloth differ from culture to culture.

We at royal safa bring in to our clients a first-of-its-kind platform helping clients presenting different types of turbans for their wedding. We as a company are completely awed by the veracity of Indian society and herein present to our clients the platform of experiencing the uniqueness that blends in each culture. i.e. in the manner, the headgear is styled.

Hold your pride on your head

Pagris happens to be one of the ancient parts of Indian tradition and culture. It holds a symbolic place when it comes to Indian weddings. Besides, more than just being a style symbol, it primarily holds the significance of pride and respect in Indian society. Wearing a pagri means you hold your pride on your head which also comes with immense responsibility., However, the way it is styled tends to differ from culture to culture. Although prominent among people in the north and those in Maharashtra and Rajasthan, Pagri plays an important role in weddings. We at Royal Safa leave no stone unturned in making the entire event royal by providing Wedding safa for barati in the most royal style.

Customized and designer Safa

Safa is not merely meant for grooms and male members of the family alone. Breaking stereotypes and evolving ahead, these safas are also adorned by the female members of the family too. Moreover, not only family members from the bride and groom’s side but also the guests are seen adorning the most royal safa. So there is a turban for every person. However, the difference lies only in the styling and pattern of the safa that aids in differentiating the categories of people. But with us at Royal Safa, you can be completely tension free.

We offer customized designer wedding safa for baratis that will make them stand apart in comparison to others. For example - We present broached turban to shiny decorated pagris to get the celebrity look. As well as we also have subtly colored safa for people who love to go the simple but elegant way. Thus, whether it is Punjabi pagri to Rajasthani turban to that of Maharashtrian pagri, we and our team of experts are capable of designing all types of wedding safa for barati.

So make the heads turn and show your swag. Don pagris and get the best royal look for weddings adding charm to the wedding bonanza.